How the Deepwater Horizon explosion killed more than 500,000 people

The Deepwater Petroleum Disaster was a catastrophe in which more than 50 million barrels of oil leaked into the Gulf of Mexico, causing more than 1.8 million deaths.

The oil spill was not only a disaster in the public interest, but also in the interests of oil companies and the federal government, the government’s oil and gas regulator, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), testified on Capitol Hill on March 4, 2017.

FERC was the lead agency in the federal agency tasked with regulating and monitoring oil and natural gas production and disposal in the Gulf.

But the Deepsea Oil Disaster and its aftermath were not just an accident or an accident caused by human error.

The spill was the result of an elaborate conspiracy by BP to sabotage the production of oil in the U.S. and its allies.

For decades, BP and other companies have been trying to sabotage oil and petroleum production and the global economy by sabotaging the production and transmission of oil from offshore platforms, and by controlling and controlling the world’s most powerful oil companies.

BP was able to achieve its objective of controlling the flow of oil and the ability to exploit oil and energy reserves for their own use, as long as it did not destroy or degrade the environment.

When it comes to the oil and oil production and distribution process, it is not a question of who owns the world; it is a question about who is responsible for it.

BP has been caught manipulating oil production in the United States and its international allies.

The company is suspected of deliberately reducing the amount of oil extracted from the Deep Gulf during the peak production years, which has been linked to the increase in oil prices.

The Deep Gulf is a place where BP has operated for decades, and its operations are now being controlled by the government.

It is no coincidence that the BP Deepwater Oil Disaster occurred during the time that the company was also planning to exploit the resources in the deep ocean, which are still unexplored.

BP and its partners have been in control of the Deep Sea since 1998, when the company began operating its exploration platforms there.

The most significant event of the BP Oil Disaster was the accident that killed almost 500,068 people and the ensuing disaster that affected the health of tens of millions of people worldwide.

That event was not an accident, and it was not caused by a human error; it was a conspiracy by the company to destroy oil and protect its profits.

The BP Deepsea Disaster was an event that was orchestrated by BP, and the company did everything in its power to conceal the truth about the disaster and its causes, and to keep it secret.

The investigation that led to the conviction of BP and the prosecution of the company’s executives has been a long, hard, and costly one.

It has involved hundreds of thousands of hours of testimony, and tens of thousands more documents, and hundreds of people of varying political stripes.

The results of the investigation have led to several federal investigations into BP and to many state and local governments.

The case against BP and executives involved in the Deep-Sea Disaster has been made, and many of the charges have been dismissed.

The facts of the case against the company are indisputable.

But BP and others have refused to acknowledge the truth and to admit the responsibility for the disaster, or to admit that they have been involved in a coverup.

They have also refused to admit to their own complicity in the disaster.

The conspiracy theory that has emerged is that BP intentionally diverted oil from a platform in the Persian Gulf, the Deep Shell, to prevent the flow from escaping from that platform.

The reason that this conspiracy theory has gained traction is because BP is currently being prosecuted in a case that is being brought by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) against BP.

The ACLU is a group that represents oil and chemical companies.

They are represented by two federal prosecutors.

The first prosecutor, Andrew Weissman, is a former U.N. official and is currently the president of the Washington-based International Petroleum Institute.

Weissman has been accused of being a “conspiracy theorist” and of making a “predictable, partisan statement” by saying that the Deep Ocean “was the site of a conspiracy to hide BP’s pollution.”

The second prosecutor, Lisa Jackson, has been appointed by President Donald Trump to head up the Department of Justice.

The charges against BP were brought by federal prosecutors in California and New York, who are prosecuting the company in a separate case in New Jersey.

The allegations against BP have been widely condemned by the scientific community.

BP is a major player in the global oil and chemicals industry.

Its executives have received tens of billions of dollars in federal government contracts and hundreds and hundreds, and thousands of awards from the federal and state governments.

BP’s executives and senior executives have a long history of being involved in environmental and other policy issues that are important to society.

For example, BP has invested billions of federal tax dollars in a program that provides subsidies to oil and other petroleum companies to help

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