Jensen Beach: Teen Girl, Microsoft, Clearwater Beach, Computer Craziest of Them All…

Google News article Jensen Beach, California is one of the strangest places on the planet.

From its narrow beaches to its strange, weird trees, this tiny coastal town of 1,500 residents is the most popular place to live in California, according to a report by CNNMoney.

In addition to its odd beauty, Jensen Beach has been dubbed the most computer-savvy town in the world.

The town of 2,000 has been ranked #1 by Computerworld magazine for the past five years, according the report.

It was also the home of Microsoft’s latest Windows 8.1 computer.

In a bizarre twist, a man who lives in the small coastal town told the outlet that he would not go anywhere without his computer.

Jensen Beach is home to a weird, computer-friendly lifestyle.

The local government recently approved a plan to install a giant, self-cleaning computer to help residents clean their house.

It is said that Jensen Beach residents also keep their windows and doors covered and wear only a small mask to protect themselves from the elements.

They also use a “laptop lock” to protect their computers from intruders.

The resident who has been using his computer to create a “mosaic” to display images of himself on the Internet is currently on the run, according CNNMoney, but the town’s residents have kept tabs on him.

The man, whose name has not been released, is accused of breaking into several houses and stealing computers.

A spokesperson for the Jensen Beach police department told CNNMoney that he was not involved in the crimes.

He was arrested after his computer was found to be stolen.

Jensen has become a popular destination for cyber criminals who target people who use the Internet to advertise themselves as a celebrity or other popular person, according a CNNMoney story from 2014.

CNNMoney reports that many people who live in Jensen Beach are not as technologically savvy as their computer-obsessed neighbors.

In fact, the town of nearly 200 people has a population of just 3,000.

People on the island of La Jolla, a smaller town near San Diego, reported seeing computers, computers and a few laptops on the streets.

People who live on the mainland have a similar perception of the town, which has been called “the cyber-dead zone.”

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