‘Lookout Pass’ webcam blows rock from helicopter

Posted November 04, 2018 11:14:56Watch as the National Guard’s “Lookout” helicopter sweeps through the area of the White House and Capitol building, and the roof of the Capitol.

The helicopter can be seen sweeping the Capitol lawns, and then it is visible in the distance as it moves toward the White, Rose Garden.

The National Guard also uses the helicopter as part of its aerial surveillance of the city.

The “Lookouts” can also be seen in other aerial images, such as those taken of the area where the White house is located.

The “Look Out” helicopter is a helicopter that is used to fly over the White Houses grounds and the Whitehouse itself.

The aircraft can be used to observe, track, and photograph any of the U.S. government buildings.

This is a key point, because this aircraft is being used to gather data and to monitor the activities of a foreign government.

As the National Security Council was discussing the potential use of the helicopter, President Donald Trump’s chief of staff, John Kelly, tweeted that the National Park Service “is in the process of getting a Lookout Pass to the National Government.”

Kelly continued:This is a critical opportunity to provide the public the most comprehensive view of the president and his staff.

As we have said previously, the president’s staff are not allowed to use the helicopters, and we will not use them.

This would be a huge breach of the trust that our National Park System has for the president, his staff, and their actions.

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