Watch live stream of a webcam live in your browser

A webcam has been streaming live in real time from the Google Pixel 2 XL smartphone on YouTube, showing a man talking to a female friend via a live webcam.

The video, uploaded by user “dakshin” on January 18, shows the man walking towards the woman on the street, where he pauses and leans forward to talk to her.

The woman can be seen in the background, holding her phone to her ear as the man speaks.

The video ends with the man pointing his phone at the camera and saying “I’ll make it in a minute”.

The clip has been viewed nearly 4 million times.

Google Pixel 2 smartphone has been installed on nearly 1.3 million people, with Google showing the device on its home page.

A Google spokesperson said that the Google Android smartphone is installed on an average of approximately 2 million devices every day, and that it has been “installed on more than one million devices”.

“We’re continually improving and improving our apps, and we’re constantly making improvements to our hardware and software, so you’ll see more updates soon,” the spokesperson said.

“Google Pixel is a fantastic product that will make people’s lives easier, smarter and more enjoyable.”

A Google spokesman told Reuters the device was running Android 8.0 Oreo and that Google was “actively testing” the software update.

Google has also added support for the Chromecast-enabled smartphone as part of an update for the company’s mobile app and online shopping service.

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